make True Memories.
Travel More.
be in The Moment.
Transcend your Mind.
Tomorrow's Milestones.
Transform Momentum.
make True Memories.
Travel More.
be in The Moment.
Transcend your Mind.
Tomorrow's Milestones.
Transform Momentum.


TOURISM MAKERS meets the tourism marketing needs of the tourism industry, including destinations, tourism organizations and tourism businesses
We are a boutique tourism marketing agency, established to provide the tourism ecosystem with authentic and unique concepts presented in a genuine and innovative way.

Our team has an in-depth knowledge of the touristic industry. We excel in the fields of marketing, filming, production and communications.
We take pride in our ability to inspire of out of the box concepts and implement then in a 360-communications and marketing approach.

Tourism Makers is a research-driven business with deep roots in the tourism and marketing industry. It combines research, innovation, and an in-depth understanding of the industry to provide services that stand out in the competitive market and it is strongly linked with university-based researchers who develop the innovative tools used by the industry experts.

the idea.

And to provide unique and tailor-made services in an era when tourism is constantly impacted by crisis and market disruption. In this light, TOURISM MAKERS enables tourism related companies and entities to adopt fresh and modern concepts, ideas, marketing guidelines and integration techniques.

In a time when everybody is looking to experience the truth behind a story, a brand name, we strive to meet our partner’s every need. And to create unique concepts that enhance and solidify the brand name of regions and touristic businesses, presenting them in the most authentic way and highlighting their most valuable assets such as culture, religion, history, tradition.

It was founded in response to the evolving challenges in the tourism sector, offering a fresh perspective on tourism marketing as well as a comprehensive approach on the new conditions such as the environmental crisis, over-tourism and the need for sustainable practices. This perspective is unique because it takes into account all the stakeholders involved in the field and provides a comprehensive strategic plan with individual actions tailored to each stakeholder, both those influencing and influenced by the industry. The services offered encompass a wide spectrum of tourism marketing needs, spanning from concept creation to crisis management.

Our mission:
“We strive to manifest your touristic needs into a unique concept, that will feed your mind, elevate your senses and emotions, and transform the “journey” into an authentic experience”

vision & commitment.

To help Destinations and tourism enterprises stand out through differentiation. And to achieve actual growth and facilitate change, through a unique concept, realized by a modern mix of branding, traditional and digital marketing and PR & influencer campaigns.

Taking into account briefings, statistics and research data, we specialize in creating, reshaping or localising your “ad-hoc” strategy.

Adhering to your vision, mission and strategy we are the “mixologists” that create target-driven result plans. We make the ideal selection and mix of the wide variety of channels available in the market to create the right formula for the successful implementation of all your marketing needs in the tourism industry and beyond.

members & partners.

Sofia Vlassi -CEO & Founder

Sophia A. Vlassi holds a BA in French Philology from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (NKUA) and a Master in Business Administration (MBA). She is experienced in Strategic Communication, Media Relations and Tourism Management. During her 20-year career, she has excelled in important positions of responsibility and has carried out large projects in collaboration with public entities both in Greece and abroad.

In recent years, she has been professionally active in the tourism industry as both owner and investor, as well as the General Manager of the RACCONTO Boutique Design Hotel in Parga, Greece. 

She is a member of SETE (Association of Greek Tourism Enterprises); she participates in the Expert Advisory Board of the Department of Tourism of the Ionian University.

The Team:

Our team is consisted of multicultural and highly-qualified professionals. We provide in-depth specialization in a vast array of markets, and monitor the latest innovations and trends on a daily basis to provide sustainable and proven solutions to regions and tourism professionals.

Through a number of partnerships with groups and companies operating in our field and in business that are complementary to our main purpose we enhance knowledge, our portfolio of services and global coverage.

what we do.

Tourism Makers stands as a beacon of innovation and adaptability in the rapidly evolving realm of tourism marketing. Through our research-driven, strategic approach, we deftly amalgamate traditional marketing techniques with avant-garde solutions, offering a comprehensive suite of services that range from conceptualization to crisis management. Our unique emphasis on transmedia storytelling, continuous market trend monitoring, and personalized content creation sets us apart, ensuring engagement across diverse traveller demographics and media platforms. By fostering collaborations with research institutions, we leverage the nexus of academia and industry, ensuring content is both informed and innovative. Notably, our adoption of gamification, user participation, and technology-driven personalization ensures our campaigns resonate deeply with contemporary audiences, keeping pace with shifting travel behaviours and preferences. Tourism Makers’ prowess is most evident when contrasted with traditional agencies, as we transcend the conventional by integrating stakeholder input, harnessing in-house capabilities, and constantly refining our offerings based on real-time data and research. In essence, Tourism Makers represent the confluence of research, innovation, and practical expertise, positioning them at the forefront of transformative change in the world of tourism marketing

strategic partners.

Arts Research Laboratory
Ionian University

Laboratory of Tourism
Ionian University

Hellenic Union of Hoteliers, Parga