make True Memories.
Travel More.
be in The Moment.
Transcend your Mind.
Tomorrow's Milestones.
Thriving Markets.
Transform Momentum.


make True Memories.
Travel More.
be in The Moment.
Transcend your Mind.
Tomorrow's Milestones.
Thriving Markets
Transform Momentum.


We are a premier economic development consultancy specializing in tourism, founded by Sophia Vlassi. Our agency, TOURISM MAKERS, excels in crafting high-level strategies and designing specialized business plans through rigorous financial analysis to foster tourism economic development and growth.

Our expertise spans across the tourism industry, catering to destinations, tourism organizations, official bodies, and businesses. As a research-driven agency, we possess profound knowledge of the tourism, economic, and marketing sectors. We integrate research, innovation, and a deep understanding of the industry to deliver comprehensive strategic and business planning.

Our strong connections with university-based researchers grant us access to exclusive data, enabling us to devise the most effective strategies to achieve outstanding results for our clients.


  • We are the sole agency that combines extensive experience in the economic, hospitality, and business sectors with a research-driven strategic approach to achieve tourism economic development.
  • Our memorandums of cooperation with academic institutions provide access to exclusive research data, enabling us to develop unique economic analysis models.
  • Our strategic approach is grounded in detailed, extensive, and tailor-made economic analysis utilizing these exclusive models.
  • We are dedicated to transforming, reshaping, and strengthening the tourism industry by developing new strategies and innovative concepts.

Our proven success in rebranding destinations and creating new concepts testifies to our comprehensive and holistic approach

Our mission:
“We aim to transform, reshape and enhance the tourism sector by providing high-level strategies, specialized business plans and rigorous financial analysis "

vision & commitment

Our vision is to help Destinations, tourism organizations, official bodies and businesses stand out through differentiation and to  achieve actual growth and facilitate change. Taking into account briefings, statistics and research data, we specialize in creating, reshaping or localising your “ad-hoc” strategy.

Adhering to your vision, mission and strategy we are the “mixologists” that create target-driven result plans. We make the ideal selection and mix of the wide variety of channels available in the market to create the right formula for the successful implementation of all your marketing needs in the tourism industry and beyond.

members & partners

Sofia Vlassi -CEO & Founder

Our team is led by Sophia Vlassi, CEO and founder of TOURISM MAKERS. Sophia brings over 20 years of experience in Strategic Communication, Media Relations, and Tourism Management. Throughout her distinguished career, she has held significant business positions and managed large-scale projects in collaboration with public entities both in Greece and internationally.

Sophia’s exceptional leadership has propelled numerous brands to new heights. She extended her professional influence to the tourism industry as the owner, creator, and general manager of the RACCONTO Boutique Design Hotel in Parga, Greece. This award-winning project is a benchmark for excellence and economic development.

In addition to her entrepreneurial achievements, Sophia is an active member of the Hotels Association and serves on the Expert Advisory Board of the Department of Tourism at the Ionian University. Her extensive experience is complemented by her academic qualifications, including a Master of Business Administration (MBA) and an MSc in Tourism, which enable her to adeptly blend entrepreneurship and hospitality.


As a leader in tourism economic development, TOURISM MAKERS places a strong emphasis on economic analysis, led by our Chief Financial Analyst Team,  oversees the academic research process that underpins our operations, ensuring rigorous and insightful analysis.

Our Team plays a pivotal role in processing, integrating, and utilizing data to formulate bespoke, effective strategies that drive tourism economic development and growth. Our team comprises multicultural and highly-qualified professionals, offering specialized expertise across a wide array of markets. We continuously monitor the latest innovations and trends to provide cutting-edge solutions for our clients..

Our experienced and talented team members can guarantee the excellent design and flawless implementation of avant garde strategic concepts!

what we do



  • Economic development consulting for tourism
  • High-level strategy
  • Tourism master plans
  • Business planning
  • Financial analysis
  • Extensive and diversified research supported by academic institutions

We engage with official bodies, local and regional authorities, and private businesses committed to embracing our vision of transforming, reshaping, and enhancing the tourism sector. Our goal is to drive tourism economic development through strategic innovation and collaboration.


Furthermore, we offer our clients an extensive portfolio of services designed to maximize the effectiveness of our strategies and ensure optimal results.

  • Design and implementation of Tourism Concepts
  • Marketing planning & Tourism Product Development (TPD)
  • Destination Marketing
  • Communications Strategy
  • Global Media Relations and Transmedia Storytelling
  • Campaign Planning & Management